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Small Waste Footprint at Temple Mama

Nearly one-third of food is wasted or thrown away around the world – most of it occurring within households and restaurants. Here at Temple Mama, we work to ensure that our footprint is reduced, especially with regards to food waste. Our food waste is near to none by the creative utilization of our dishes.

Our chicken broth is proudly made with all parts of the chicken we cook. Not only does our chicken broth taste wholesome and delicious but by creating a bone broth from the carcasses, our chicken broth is highly nutritional, helps with inflammation, joints and heals the gut - it reduces our waste significantly!

Additionally, chicken skins are roasted in the oven to create low fat crackling. We then render the fat to create our own cooking lard (for non vegan dishes only) the reduced oxidation in animal fats means that it is less susceptible to the toxins, low in free radicals and carcinogens generated by using vegetable oil alone.

Secondly, the water that we blanch our vegetables in holds traces of nutrients such as vitamin B, C and folate which is then used to create our ever changing vegan soups. Ensuring they are packed with as much nutrients and minerals as they are flavourful.

We are also finding ways to reduce our footprint by using our coffee grounds for gardening as well. In the summer months, we plan on utilizing all of our compost to grow more fruit and vegetables on the deck. We also give away our coffee grinds, free of charge to anyone that wants them.

Food waste is a significant issue in developed countries such as the UK and has a detrimental effect on the environment. Here at Temple Mama, we are always looking for more ways to reduce our carbon footprint. Join the movement to reduce food waste, and dine with us to enjoy a sustainable dish, full of fresh ingredients, unique flavors, and a reduced carbon footprint.

To weave magic, we must all sow seeds. Seeds of love and a better climate.


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