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New Hygiene Safety Precautions Taken by Temple Mama in line Covid 19 Regulations

We know it has been quite some time since we have last seen you – but we are excited to see you soon!  In order to ensure our customers and staff are safe and remain healthy, Temple Mama will be making some changes.  

Firstly, the number of people in the café will be reduced to ensure necessary spacing between tables and amongst people.  Outdoor seating will be available, as will online ordering and pick-up.  

Screens will be put into place to protect the staff and the customers, and an ease of contactless payment will reduce exposure.  

Hand sanitizer and washing stations will be in place to provide plenty of opportunities to remain clean and protected from any contamination.  

To enable a trial relaunch, our menu will be reduced to quick food items in addition to coffee and teas. This will allow a quicker visit and provide further opportunities for everyone to visit. Also, to reduce contact we have menus on the walls so you don’t need to handle the menus if you do not wish to do so.

The Temple Mama team will also be washing and cleaning every surface after every use, and make sure the café is clean and ready for each new customer that enters.  Cooking utensils and surfaces will be properly sanitized after each use, and we will wear protective gear to prevent contamination of food both in the kitchen and on the cafe floor.

We hope to see you soon.  We are preparing for you and miss you dearly. Temple Mama’s new menu will certainly delight all of you for the coming summer months.

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