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Behind the Name of Cirencester’s Unique Temple Mama

Once you step down the cobbled-path hidden amongst all the bustling shops in the heart of Cirencester, you will stumble upon the wondrous Temple Mama. This unique and cozy restaurant is one-of-a-kind, filled with warmth, global cuisine, and a hidden story.

Ting, Temple Mama’s founder and owner, has a beautiful family history, revealing the meaning behind the restaurant’s name. Years ago, Ting’s great-grand Uncle ventured from China to Singapore to construct Buddhist temples as places of worship and a collection of safe havens across the country. They were not only places of faith, but also a place for shelter, warmth, and food made with love. Over time, the number of temples grew, bringing joy and guidance to Singapore. Today, over 90% of the Buddhist temples in Singapore in some way belong to Ting’s family. These temples were all given to the people for the people and function as places of faith. One remains in the hands of her family – a special temple that once sat amongst a small village. Years ago, a fire decimated the village yet – shockingly, the family temple was the only building left standing. Rumor has it, according to Ting’s Nan, that Buddha sat upon the rubble, fanning the flames away from the temple. The temple has now been standing for over 100 years with all of its magic and majesty.

Ting’s Nan spent much time in the temple, and gained the name “Temple Mama” hence the name of Cirencester’s special restaurant. The temples are still functioning, still giving to the people as a place of worship and healing. At Temple Mama, we believe that in order to weave magic, you must first sow seeds. Ting hopes to bring her family’s guiding light to Cirencester by cooking food with passion and providing a welcoming atmosphere for people of all kinds. Our food is made with love, with a story, with a background. We want to tell you the story through our unique and eclectic flavors.

Here at Temple Mama, we are always experimenting and trying new recipes with a Singaporean and Kiwi understory. Our warm atmosphere is welcoming to anyone and everyone. For a meal made with love, come and join us in our warm temple for food you will not forget. Temple Mama awaits.

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